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What help is available to assist with child visitation?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | child custody, Firm News

If you are your children’s other parent are not together, you probably have a custody and visitation arrangement set up through a Texas court. While you may try to honor the court’s orders, sometimes things can get complicated. It is important for you to stick to the orders to avoid issues, so if you need help, the state offers some options. The Attorney General notes that these visitation resources are provided to you for free by the state.

First, you can use the Access and Visitation Directory. This is an online listing of services that help with visitation and parenting after a divorce. This directory can help you find places where you can conduct supervised visits, get help coordinating your visitation process and provide drop-off centers where you can meet to exchange the children.

Another great resource is the Access and Visitation Hotline. This is a unique service only available in Texas. You can call or go online to speak with specialists that provide legal advice on your custody situation. They can help you with visitation issues and other related problems. The number is free to call. On the website, there are informative documents and tools that offer further help.

Both of these resources can be great help when you are having issues with your visitation orders. While you cannot get changes except by a judge, you can get information or tools to help you cope with your problem and possibly fix it so you do not have to go back to court. This information is for education and is not legal advice.


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