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The right to defend yourself against domestic assault charges

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

It may surprise you to learn that many Pennsylvania residents accused of criminal domestic assault or violence do little to mount a criminal defense. Occasionally, this might happen because the defendant did commit the crime and feels guilty. Other times, no unlawful activity occurred, but the defendant still feels as if they don’t deserve a defense.

Domestic relationships are sometimes so complicated and volatile that all involved parties suffer in some way. For example, extreme emotion can make a person lash out towards a loved one in a violent manner. Other times, the same emotion can cause a person to make false claims of domestic violence against a person they love.

Regardless of why a person is arrested on domestic assault charges, all defendants have the right to a solid criminal defense. When anyone ignores this right or fails to act upon it, we do a disservice to our forebears who created our rights as American citizens. This is one of the reasons we always encourage domestic assault defendants to seek legal assistance in the face of criminal assault charges.

Many domestic assault cases can suffer from an overabundance of testimony and alleged evidence. This means it can be difficult to convince a jury of your innocence on your own. Remember that it can be just as difficult for the prosecution to prove your guilt.

By seeking out a criminal defense attorney who can understand your case, you have a chance to present your side of the story and prevail in court. Learn more by exploring our website at www.quinnfirm.com or contacting us at 814-806-2518.


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