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Texas on the road to legalizing pot?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | drug possession, Firm News

In case you are one of many Americans who have been sidetracked by the many and ongoing political spectacles at the federal level, there have been some interesting political moments right here in Texas over the past few months. Moments that may lead to the legalization of marijuana in the Lone Star State, and within the next few years.

Forbes reports that the state Republican Party, during its summer convention, adopted several new planks in its platform. One supports the decriminalization of marijuana, making it a civil penalty to possess an ounce or less for personal use. The civil penalty would come with a fine of up to $100 but would not include jail time. Another plank is seeking expansion of the state’s medical marijuana law by giving physicians the authority to determine the appropriate amount for patients. Also coming from the convention was the party’s stance in support of growing industrial hemp and federal reclassification of the drug as well.

At the federal level, President Trump voiced his support of current legislation that allows states to form and uphold their own laws about marijuana without interference. There is also current legislation in the Senate that favors legalizing hemp.

Meanwhile, Texas Democrats have also adopted planks that call for legalizing medical marijuana and reclassifying cannabis as a civil offense only, but they go a lot further as well. Democrats support legalization of possession and use, as well as its production and sale, pointing to the success of Colorado and other states.

With support from both parties, plus softening of the federal stance to allow states to go their own way, some expect changes to come in the next few years. If legalization is not on the 2020 ballot, it is certainly expected to come soon afterward.


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