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Getting married again? Is it time to think about a prenup?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2018 | Family Law, Firm News

For many people, getting married again is a tough decision. While you love your new partner, you may still have negative feelings about marriage in general due to your previous divorce.

A prolonged, bitter divorce can turn many people off from marriage entirely. At a later age, you may also be more protective of your assets and want to make sure they remain with you and your children, just in case another divorce happens. That is why it may be time to start thinking about negotiating a prenuptial agreement with your new partner.

Despite what some people say, a prenuptial agreement does not have to start a marriage off on the wrong foot. Instead of thinking about it as you and your fiancée anticipating a divorce, you will be talking about important financial issues early on and not letting them go unaddressed, as many couples do.

Think about the following things:

A prenuptial agreement may not be right for every couple. Ask yourself the following questions. Do you:

  • Own a business and want to make sure you maintain control of it?
  • Have children from a prior relationship and want to protect assets for them?
  • Own significant or unique assets and want to make sure they stay with you?
  • Want to ensure your spouse is responsible for their debts and not you?
  • Want to resolve the matter of spousal support now instead of dragging out the process after the marriage ends?
  • Want to make only some premarital assets joint and not others?

Talk to an attorney about your options

If you answered yes to any, some or all of these questions, then you will want to talk with an attorney about your options. We invite you to schedule a consultation at the Quinn Law Firm in Erie, Pennsylvania, by calling 814-806-2518. Our family law attorneys can help you think through whether this is the right fit for you and what you can expect.

If you decide that you want to negotiate a prenuptial agreement, it is best to do it with an attorney’s help. You and your future spouse can each work with your own attorney to negotiate an agreement in a non-adversarial setting. This will ensure that both of you will understand what is in the agreement at the time you sign it.

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