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Whiteout causes 6-vehicle crash with 3 injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury

A whiteout swept down on Interstate 78 on Jan. 17, 2018. Traffic began to slow down, eventually coming to a stop. This happened right around 11 a.m.

Unfortunately for those who had stopped, a semitruck with a flatbed trailer came barreling up behind the idling cars and just could not stop in time in those conditions.

According to the police officers who responded to the scene, the truck driver chose to split the lanes, driving his truck on the center line, with cars on both sides of him. He was slamming into vehicles in each lane as he careened along.

Other tractor trailers had managed to stop, and the speeding truck hit one in the right lane and two more in the left lane. It then slammed into a Honda CRV, a small SUV, hard enough to flip it up onto its roof. The flatbed truck did not stop until it ran into the back of yet another semitruck. This one was parked in the right lane.

When the calls first started coming in to the police, they said that a semi had jackknifed in the road. Authorities quickly responded and found out what had really happened.

Three people suffered injuries in the crash. The good news is that none of those injuries are thought to be life-threatening. However, the carnage from the wreck was bad enough that the authorities had to close down the interstate for four hours while they helped those who were hurt and cleared the damaged vehicles.

Winter weather in Pennsylvania increases the risks on the roads all over the state. It’s important for those who are injured to know their legal options.

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