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The most common types of vehicle defects

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | Firm News, Personal Injury

When we step into our cars every day, we assume that we are safe. But several dangers present themselves to us as a low but very real risk.

These dangers might be posed by dangerous road conditions or other drivers. But in rare circumstances, they can also come from faults within the car that you are driving. The following are some examples of vehicle defects that have endangered drivers on the road.

Notable vehicle defect incidents

In 2010, a reputable car brand faced many complaints from people stating that their cars were not driving as they should be. After an investigation, improper floor mats were blamed. However, it was later found that a sticky pedal mechanism was responsible, creating dangerous conditions for the drivers.

After a batch of faulty tires was supplied to another car brand, the tires were not quality controlled and fitted onto the cars regardless of their dangers. After these cars were dispatched, there were many instances of the tires exploding while the driver was cruising at a considerable speed. This one quality control mistake was responsible for around 200 deaths in the 1990s.

Another notable vehicle defect was a cruise control switch that had a faulty circuit, meaning that many vehicles would start smoking and even set fire while the driver was moving down a highway.

It is common for car defects to present very real dangers for people on the road. Many people seek to recoup any damages through class action lawsuits, especially if the defects affected a large number of people. It is important to understand how the law applies to car defects before making a claim.

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