Pennsylvania Complex Litigation Attorneys

The complex litigation unit of Quinn, Buseck, Leemhuis, Toohey & Kroto, Inc. represents individual, corporate and municipal clients dealing with complex litigation including legal disputes involving the following issues:

  • Environmental litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Intellectual rights litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Defamation, slander and libel matters in commercial contexts
  • Professional negligence
  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Child custody
  • Class action lawsuits
  • Products liability litigation
  • Insurance coverage and bad faith

Call or e-mail the law firm regarding any pending, ongoing or potential complex litigation in Pennsylvania. Our trial lawyers uphold the highest standards in part through membership and active participation in legal organizations including the following:

  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association
  • Pennsylvania Defense Institute
  • Defense Research Institute
  • Erie County Bar Association
  • Federal Court Advisory Committee
  • National and Pennsylvania Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lawyers of Quinn, Buseck, Leemhuis, Toohey & Kroto, Inc. have established, built and maintained a tradition of trust in the Erie, Pennsylvania, area and beyond over the past 80-plus years. The law firm maintains the updated technology and resources needed to conduct complex litigation. We have the capabilities needed to conduct discovery with all the latest technological aids. Our location outside of downtown is geographically convenient for those whom we counsel and represent.

All attorney-client information is held in confidence. We are exceedingly careful to avoid any conflicts of interest that might prevent us from aggressively defending our clients' best interests in complex litigation. For a detailed case analysis regarding civil rights litigation or any other complex litigation matter, contact us.